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Our primary crop is Haskap berries.  To find out more about these unique berries, click here:  . 

Haskap bushes typically come into flower before dandelions.  As a result, they are the first berry of the season (from early to mid-May).  We have 5 varieties of Haskap with most berries ready in May but some bushes ripening early July.  The plants only produce one crop per year.

Picking Haskaps requires a patient hand.  It is best to pull the berry slightly away from the stem and then twist.  This action ensures the berry skin remains intact, as Haskaps tend to go juicy in the pail much like a raspberry when the skin is broken.

If you purchase picked berries, they will be in re-sealable bags with 1.5 pounds in each bag. While berries will keep quite well in the fridge, we recommend freezing the berries as they keep very well in frozen state.  One bag of berries, fresh or frozen, will make 1 batch of jam. 

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