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Since moving to the farm, we have had the privilege of hosting some of our favourite musical artists for concerts.  We provide the venue, a place to sleep, and great home-cooked food, and the artists put on a fantastic show and have a chance to relax between big shows while on tour.

Blind Rooster Berry Farm presents






Helen Austin and Paul Otten are the band “Big Little Lions”. They have been collaborating musically via Zoom since long before the rest of us figured out how to, as they live in different countries (Helen in Canada and Paul in the U.S.). Touring is a treat for them normally, but especially so now that Covid restrictions have relaxed.


If you have been to our house concerts before, you may be feeling some déjà vu, because Big Little Lions was our last house concert before the pandemic!  So perhaps it is fitting that they are our first concert since then, almost like the Avengers’ “blip”…ha ha.


Here are some links to Big Little Lions in case you haven’t heard their music before or you want to see how many music awards they have garnered to date. is their website the song “Fills Me Up” (this should be familiar…) the song “Extraordinary” the song “Stories”


Other Concert Details:

  1. The potluck dinner is optional. Bring anything you would like to share with others.

  2. This is an outdoor concert; some chairs are provided but if you prefer a bit of space then bring your own seat.

  3. Water and juice are provided; you are welcome to bring alcoholic or other beverages but please drink responsibly.

  4. Our address is 3660 Anderson Road which is easily Googled, especially if you search for Blind Rooster Berry Farm.

  5. If you are paying at the door, options are cash or e-transfer.

  6. Children under 12 are welcome but must be supervised.

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Martyn Joseph


The Oysterband

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If you would like to be on our mailing list for notifications about concerts, please contact us.

Grace Petrie

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Tiller's Folly

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Chris Trapper

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